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Fruitcrown advocates that all manufacturers of Ready-To-Eat (RTE) food products, such as yogurt and ice cream, be aware of potential serious sources of listeria monocytogenes contamination, coliform and other bacterial contaminants especially when frozen fruits are used.

We have stringent "G.M.P." and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point "H.A.C.C.P." programs in place. "H.A.C.C.P." addresses the fact that raw fruits (fresh or frozen) may carry significant levels of pathogenic organisms. To merely subject fruit to heat is not enough. Applying sufficient heat to the raw fruit is necessary to destroy the organisms. Optimally, the fruit must be aseptically processed to be added to the Ready-To-Eat food through a closed system such as the Fruitcrown's own engineered cool-fill aseptic production system which packages a variety of container sizes. We produce large aseptic containers such as our patented 500 pound, disposable MINITOTE®, 220 gallon collapsible TOTE BIN, both bottom unloading for quick pump connecting, along with 50 pound aseptic bag-in-box. These are the ultimate controls to prevent any possible additional contamination of RTE foods.

Fruitcrown's ASP® (ASEPTIC Super Pack) fruits require no draining. Pump directly from our 500 pound "MINITOTE®" to flavor tank, fruit feeder or both. A 100% closed system.

Control of micro-organisms, verified by our proprietary BACTEC laboratory, furnishes microbiological parameters within 24 hours, certifying every finished batch free of pathogenic organisms. All internally generated microbiological information is audited by an outside public laboratory for verification. A Certificate of Analysis is available with each shipment.

Our flavor concentrate operation manufactures product with the respective natural flavor and color of the particular fruit or other unique flavor, for all beverages, soft serve, hard frozen and conventional yogurt, ice cream, cottage cheese or other foods.


  • GUARANTEE of pathogen-free fruit
  • NO:
    • raw fruit purchasing necessary
    • frozen storage expense
    • fruit preparation-less equipment to sanitize
    • handling - our bulk pack affords you a CLOSED ASEPTIC PUMPING SYSTEM
    • thawing
    • juice draining, fruit tub rinsing, or storage
    • moldy fruit
    • oxidized fruit
    • frozen desserts with icy fruit particles
  • Consistent, better fruit identity
  • Better fruit feeder control/even fruit feed at all times.
  • Reduction of body and texture problems of finished product.
  • Scheduling flexibility not currently available.
  • All products are Kosher certified by KOF-K Kosher Supervision.

Guaranteed pathogen-free fruits . . .a must for your RTE (Ready to Eat) products, otherwise. . . a big problem!
MIMICS fresh frozen fruit. For national warehouse location and for all our aseptic fruit varieties contact us.