Dairy Baking
Beverage Organic


Specialists in Phenomenal Fruit Show such as Strawberry, Peach and other Delicately Textured Fruit

ASEPTIC Fruit Bases and Specialties
for the 

Aseptic bases for:
Swiss Style Yogurt
"French" Style Yogurt
Soft and Hard Frozen Yogurt
Swiss Style Cottage Cheese
Frozen Beverages
Sorbets and Sherbets
Fruit on Top or Bottom Yogurt or Cottage Cheese
Cream Cheese
Solid Pack Bases for Fruit Feeder Injection
Background Flavors for Adding to the Mix
Variegating Bases for Ice Cream
Ice Cream Sundae Cup Toppings
Concentrated Flavors for Soft Serve Ice Cream 

Dairy Flavors:
Apple Pie
Apple Raisin Walnut Cinnamon
Black Cherry
Cherry Vanilla
Crème Caramel
French Vanilla
Honey Almond
Honey Peach
Key Lime
Lemon Lime
Mandarin Orange
Mixed Berry
Mountain Berry
Piña Colada
Raspberry Tangerine
Red Cherry
Rum Raisin
Strawberry Banana

. . . above available in bases and flavors

Fruitcrown can provide all your fruit preparation and flavoring needs for yogurt and other cultured products. For over 70 years Fruitcrown, with the families multigenerational management, has been a custom formulator and manufacturer of fruits and flavorings.

  • Total aseptic processing.
  • East Coast and Mid-West manufacturing facilities and distribution with strategically located Western warehouses.
  • Full aseptic packaging options, including a 500 lb. bottom unloading MINITOTE®.
  • The Fruitcrown motto is "Praestantia Valet", Latin translation "Quality Prevails".

Fruitcrown's Technical Support Team has extensive experience in and knowledge of yogurt formulations, processing and quality control. Fruitcrown's Technical Support Team has held Manager/Director positions with major dairy companies in Research and Development, Production and Quality Assurance

Fruitcrown's Technical Staff has both knowledge and working experience with the major culture suppliers and their available yogurt cultures. We have "hands-on" experience with cultures for the most desirable applications for today's yogurt market.

  • Mild post acidification.
  • Probiotic (acidophilus and Bifidobacteria).
  • Proprietary high sugar tolerance (10-12% sucrose).

Fruitcrown's technical expertise can "customize" your stabilization system to meet specific product objectives. We can recommend exact percentages of stabilizer components to obtain maximum cost savings and in plant control.

Fruitcrown's understanding of the yogurt market, formulations, stabilizers, cultures, fruit bases, equipment and processing allows us to evaluate your current yogurt and specify a program to produce the desired quality of yogurt with the most economical means.

Fruitcrown works with your marketing and technical organization to assess your current yogurt in terms of your market objectives.

  • Sensory evaluation programs.
  • Discuss results and make recommendations for product reformulation.
  • Provide finished prototype product samples.
  • Assist production start-up of new product formulations.

Fruitcrown is a leader in new yogurt product innovations.

  • Tube Yogurt
  • Yogurt Beverages
  • Yogurt - gelatin products for Kids' market.
  • Pre biotic

Partnerships in creative market brainstorming and new product developments.

Optimize a quality control program to maintain your defined product parameters.

  • Lab and sensory procedures.
  • Process control.

Complete regulatory and nutritional labeling guidance.