Fourth Generation, Family owned and focused on Fruit Innovation and Quality for 99 years.

Upon arriving from Germany in 1905, E.R. Jagenburg Sr. landed in New York, New York. He had a vision, a vision to create a company that would hold itself to the highest standards in Quality, Value, Innovation and Service. Having an innate interest in exotic fruit, flavors and advanced technology, to provide a service unlike any other, E. R. Jagenburg Incorporated was created…


From day one E.R. Jagenburg Sr. was frequently in the fields, orchards and plantations during the growing phase all the way to harvest, ensuring our customers that they were receiving fruit of the highest quality, standard and value available anywhere.


He created new processing equipment (his patents) and techniques that converted the raw fruit into incredibly unique and flavorful industrial ingredients for the Dairy industry!


His original motto “Sui Generis™” (“In a class of its own”) was his mission. That mission was, and still is, amongst our top priorities, overseeing every pound of fruit packed (in the fields) reassuring our excellence on QUALITY and VALUE. This led to the motto “Praestantia Valet®”, meaning “QUALITY PREVAILS”.


These high standards became the fabric and roots of what would then become Fruitcrown Products. Passed down from one generation to the next, Eugene Jagenburg Jr. continued his father’s legacy.  With his son Robert Jagenburg (President of Fruitcrown) maintaining and perfecting standards that were set in place before him and then by him and building upon many great supplier and Customer Relationships (many that still remain today) Fruitcrown located in Farmingdale, Long Island continued the vision of continued growth in the future.


Fruitcrown maintains operations in Farmingdale NY and Beloit WI.  With input from Bruce Jagenburg, the company added a new, technologically advanced, Aseptic production facility in 2017, doubling capacity. The family were the pioneers of Aseptic fruit production process in the US, and 100 years later this new advanced facility shows our family’s commitment to continued innovation and growth.  To this current day Fruitcrown values the same principles that were set 4 Generations ago by E.R. Jagenburg Sr.; High Quality, Extreme Value, Continued Innovation and unmatched Service.


Four generations later, Christopher and Daniel Jagenburg are determined to continue the legacy set in motion so many years ago by their great grandfather, grandfather and father. A legacy rooted in providing excellence at all levels driven by amazing Fruitcrown employees, many of whom have spent their careers with the company. They are indeed a critical contributor to the success though out the last 100 years.


Fuitcrown has been a collaborative architect and contributor to many of the food industries most innovative, exciting and successful stories. A true “incubator” of Brand Success”!!