We offer a wide range of fruit preparations and creative flavor systems for yogurt and related cultured products like yogurt drinks, fresh cheese, cottage cheese and cream cheese.

We have many existing fruit and flavor products. We also routinely custom formulate flavor ingredient systems to meet specific requirements. When we do, our products are always formulated to consider all technical characteristics for your product, such as: custom flavor profiles, sweetener, sweetness level, usage rate, color, fruit content/ integrity/cut and stabilization, natural, artificial, organic and GMO FREE.

Fruitcrown provides flavoring systems for the following cultured product categories

  • Greek Yogurt

  • European Style Yogurt

  • Swiss Style Yogurt

  • Yog-Gelatin Dessert Blends

  • Cream Cheese

  • Fruit on Top or Bottom for Yogurt and Cottage Cheese

  • Yogurt Drinks (10% juice), etc.

  • Cottage Cheese (Sugar or Sucralose or APM sweetened)

  • Swiss Style Cottage Cheese

  • Sundae Style Yogurt

  • Tube Yogurt

  • Kid’s Yogurt

  • Cup Toppings

  • Keifer

  • Dessert Yogurts

  • Savory Blends (for Dips, Yogurt, etc.)

  • Soy Based Products

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