There are many, many reasons why our patented aseptic process is far superior to frozen. Here are just a few...


  • Eliminate Microbial Risk: Microbes, Contamination, Pathogenic organisms

  • Eliminate Food Borne Illnesses: i.e.  Listeria, Hepatitis A, etc.


  • Fresh tasting Grade A fruit with consistency and identity

  • Eliminate oxidization, thawing, juice draining, body/texture loss due to “ice”

  • Sustainability and Environmental Benefits


  • We Help you develop new product lines and applications with Ease

  • Simplify Execution throughout the value chain

  • Various Packaging options to match your  specific volume need


  • Ease of use and  ability to response to schedule change

  • Operations: No Fruit Preparation and “on demand availability” (thawing, equipment, labor loss, pre-rinse, reduce waste stream)

Cost Savings

  • Eliminate Freezer storage expense with longer shelf life

  • Floor Space Savings

  • Room temperature storage with long shelf life

  • No handling; Bulk packed, closed system- saved labor