• Guarantee of pathogen free fruit.
  • No fruit preparation (less equipment to sanitize).
  • No frozen storage expense.
  • No handling: bulk packed, closed system – pump to feeder or mix tank.
  • Scheduling flexibility (no defrosting).
  • No pail rinsing, handling and storage. Great reduction in waste stream.
  • Waste water B.O.D. source reduction, pH reduction.
  • No raw fruit purchasing necessary. Minimize inventory requirements (pay “as used”).
  • No microbiological contamination (our bulk pack affords you a closed pumping system).
  • No oxidized fruit.
  • No thawing or juice draining.
  • Consistent, better fruit identity.
  • Better fruit feeder control/uniform, even fruit feed at all times.
  • Reduction of body and texture problems. No “icy” fruit.

Ice Cream Sundae
Soft & Hard Frozen Yogurt
Background Flavors for Adding to the Mix
Concentrated Flavors for Soft Serve Ice Cream
Solid Pack Bases for Fruit Feeder Injection Frozen Beverages
Cup Toppings
Sorbets and Sherbets
Variegating Bases for Ice Cream

Specialists in phenomenal fruit show such as strawberry, peach and other delicately textured fruit